SmokeFire EPX4 Stealth

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Make food you never thought possible in your garden with the new, blacked-out SmokeFire Wood Fired Pellet Grill. Sear at 315°C, roast, steam, and even stir-fry by replacing the cooking grate with custom-fit WEBER CRAFTED grillware. And when smoking brisket into dusk, the unique under-the-lid barbecue lighting allows you to sauce and see your food no matter what time of day or night.

SMOKEFIRE is the best pellet barbecue forsearing,smoking, and everything in between with a competitive 95-315°C temperature range.
• WEBER CRAFTED Gourmet BBQ System frame included; sear, roast, bake, steam, and even stir-fry food never thought possible on a barbecue by simply replacing the grate with a variety of custom-fit grillware (sold separately) to choose from.
• WEBER CONNECT smart technology is your secret ingredient to perfectly barbecued food – step-by-step assistance gives you real-time food temperature alerts,reminders and notifications at the barbecue or on your phone.
• Built-in night time barbecue lighting illuminatesthe entire cooking grate for those late- night smokes.
• Top cooking grate creates a large,second level of barbecuing capacity.
• If you’re craving even more of that unmistakable, wood fired taste, then add a boost ofsmoke to the recipe with Smoke Boost.
• FLAVORIZER bars were designed for direct, more consistent heat, unlike traditional pellet barbecuesthat use a large diffuser plate that blocksthe flame.
• SMOKEFIRE’s exclusive cleaning system directs ash and grease down into a removable drawer.
• Specially-engineered auger and slanted hopper help prevent pellet jams, which are frequently experienced with pellet barbecues.

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