Levington Tomorite Peat Free Organic Planter

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Levington Tomorite Peat Free Organic Deep Planter is perfect for fruit and vegetable gardening. It is enriched with Tomorite Plant Food with added seaweed extract for full-flavoured tomatoes and is a deeper thicker planter for optimum root growth. 100% organic and peat-free. Certified by OF&G for use by organic growers.

When to use: All year round. January - December. 

How to use

  1. To begin planting, shake the bag to ensure the contents are evenly distributed. Cut out panels along the dotted lines, and if only planting two plants, use the end panels. It's best to delay planting tomatoes until the first flowers have opened. 
  2. After planting, water the plants with approximately 6 litres (or 1.5 gallons) of water, and then continue to water them as needed to keep the bag moist. 
  3. For optimal growth, we recommend feeding 20ml of Tomorite® in 4.5 litres (or 1 gallon) of water. Use 4.5 litres of diluted Tomorite® for most crops, and feed once a week. If you're growing heavy feeders like tomatoes under glass, feed twice a week once the fruit on the second truss has set. 
  4. To ensure the bag retains water, avoid piercing the bottom. Train the plants to fan out to receive maximum light and air. For the best results, feed with Tomorite®.


Where to use

Tomatoes under glass: Start feeding when the fruit on the first truss is pea-sized.

Tomatoes outdoor: Start feeding when the fruit on the second truss is pea-sized.

Peppers and aubergines: Start feeding when the fruit is the size of a golf ball.

Melons: Start feeding when the first fruit is swelling.

Courgette, marrows and cucumbers: Start feeding when Picking commences.

  • Composition - Wood fibre, Bark Fines, Coir and Composted Green Waste.
  • Perfect for Organic fruit and vegetable gardening.
  • Deeper, thicker planet for optimum root growth.
  • Feeds for up to 3 months.


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