Camino Carryall 35L 2.0 - Nordic Blue

Sale price£149.99


The Camino 35 Carryall is a haul-it-anywhere, up-for-anything tote. Throw it over your shoulder or pick it up by the CrossBar Handles. Whichever way you choose this bag pulls its weight, so you can carry on with your day.This heavy-haulin’ bag has been tested to carry up to 1,500 pounds of static weight. We don’t recommend you attempt to carry that much weight, but rest assured it’s another incredibly durable YETI Product.

The Camino Carryall's welded construction is waterproof, so you can set it down in a wet bottom boat and no water will pass through the bottom or sides. Note that it has an open-top design, so water can enter and exit through this large opening.

Part of the beauty of the Camino Carryall and its ThickSkin Shell is that you can simply hose it off or wipe it down with warm water and mild soap. Either way, it's a breeze to keep clean.

The Camino 20 Carryall features deployable dividers so you can keep your gear organised and at the ready. Simply tuck away the dividers when not in use to create one large compartment.

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