Lifestyle Garden Nassau 2 Seater Coffee Set with Table - Mustard

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LifestyleGarden uses a type of aluminium commonly used for boat building and weather-sensitive shore applications, as it is ideal for outdoor use. The supremely weather-resistant, lightweight aluminium frames are finished with Duracoat, a premium-quality, multi-layer protective covering that has been formulated for weather resistance in all climates.

Duresin is our unique formulation of 100% virgin polypropylene and is ideal for outdoor use due to its high levels of colour fastness, durability and strength, which make it maintenance-free. Duresin contains no harmful chemicals and can be recycled without producing waste or damaging the environment.

Dual-layer coating for the FSC eucalyptus wood. It gives the hardwood protection from all elements enhances the warm, natural grain of the wood with its unique coloured finish.

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