Lifestyle Garden Portals Modular Sofa Set

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The Portals range is manufactured using die-casting technology, which allows for ergonomic design and the creation of unique shapes. The supremely weather-resistant, lightweight aluminium frames are finished with Duracoat, a premium-quality, multi-layer protective covering that has been formulated for weather resistance in all climates.

Renowned for its rich golden-brown colour and weather-resistant properties - for hundreds of years it has been used in outdoor furniture and construction. We only use FSC certified teak - timber grown in responsibly managed plantations or has been sourced and recycled from components and structures on the island of Java.

Aside from its comfortable and inviting feel, Olefin offers high levels of durability due to its fibres containing less moisture, allowing it to dry more quickly than other textiles. Furthermore, Olefin is resistant to abrasions, stains, sunlight, fire and chemicals - ideal for frequent use in the outdoors.

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