Elho plant pots are arguably the most eco-friendly plant pots around! Elho are doing their bit to help us keep our house plants green. Not only do they have their very own wind turbine, allowing them to generate 100% of their own energy, they also drive electric cars, make sure their trucks run on biogas, and have a custom-made roof that allows for more daylight in their building, vastly reducing the energy used for lighting.

70% of the materials that Elho currently use are made from recycled plastic, with almost 6,000,000 kilo of recycled plastic into their pots over the last year alone. Currently, 63% of their products are made with recycled materials, with a view to going fully green by 2020. For example, the Elho Green Basics watering can is made of 100% post-consumer waste material, i.e. about a dozen old detergent bottles.